Friday, 27 June 2008

Italians finally doing something to get the politicians they deserve?

(This 'classified ad' apparently appeared on the International Herald Tribune just before the Italian elections)

Can anyone please ask Lucrezia if she has any suggestions for next time round?

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Impeccable description of the government's proposed law on wiretapping

(in Italian)

I'm not always a fan of Marco Travaglio, but in this television debate between him and Lupi (Forza Italia, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies) and Butti (Alleanza Nazionale) he delivered a memorable speech. Too bad it was broadcast on local television, it deserved a prime time national audience.

Ten minutes worth watching, highly recommended.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

We only recruit sensibly mad people - Part III

After Federica and Foscarina, here's Alessia - another brilliant example of how smart professionals suddenly reveal odd sides of their personality.

Here's her story.

I had been working late one Sunday night, and had a 9am meeting on the Monday morning. The only way to be sure I did wake up in time was to ask my team member Alessia to call me in the morning. I sent her an SMS (sorry this doesn't work very well in English)

"Assicurati che sia sveglio max alle 8" (Make sure awake max at 8am)

A minute later, in the middle of the night, I receive an SMS.

"Chi e' Max?" (Who is Max?)

No comment.

PS Baby Max is expected in August, congratulations to Ugo and Alessia!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

You, this blog's surprising audience

It all started in mid-April...this blogging thing looked like fun. Quite frankly, I didn't have a plan, nor any expectations. What should I post? Would anyone read this, and why? Did it make sense to tell all my friends to look at it, only to lose their interest after the first visit? How many people would actually be interested?

After 7-8 weeks, I find the stats from Google are quite are a real audience! Here's a snapshot of you, the 227 people who visited up to this moment.

  • You visited 434 times, viewed 782 pages and spend on average 2.59 minutes reading this
  • You came from 20 countries across the globe: Italy (obviously), various European countries (from Spain to Hungary, from Turkey to Sweden), US (from California to Massachussetts to Texas), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina) and Asia (China, India, Singapore, UAE)
  • You often came by clicking on links to here (FaceBook, LinkedIn and other blogs) but a surprising number typed the address by hand, and 50 of you found this on Google

Now, here's the scoop. 55 of you have visited more than 10 times! This blog has a loyal audience! Who are you?!?!? Please don't be shy, leave a comment...I'm dying to know!

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