Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Baustelle in Milan on June 1st (social music works)

Social music works, at least it has for me so far!

In the recent past, my musical discoveries came either from friends or from the iTunes Store billboard (and neither seemed to provide any life-changing experience!).

I little while ago I began to experiment seriously with last.fm. It took a while for it to learn what kind of music I like (yes, it is quite varied!). Then, a couple of weeks back, it suggested a previously unknown (to me) band called Baustelle. So I gave it a try.

Bang! Great! According to last.fm tags it's alternative, indie, indie pop, indie rock. I simply find the music enjoyable and the lyrics very interesting. Listen for yourselves. My favourites from the last album is 'Il liberismo ha i giorni contati', for sure.

To make sure I would fully enjoy my new discovery, I then realise Milan is the opening concert of their live tour for Summer '08, and the location is Piazza Santo Stefano...excellent!

Who's around and wants to join?

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