Sunday, 12 October 2008

We only recruit sensibly mad people - 2008 Retreat Special Edition

(The first of a series from the 2008 Med Retreat @ Djerba.)

Riccardo Monti, Director of Value Partners, in a memorable performance of O'Sole Mio, co-starring Laura Cattaneo with cameos from (in order of appearance) Tina Guiducci, Valentina De Luca, Paolo Marinelli, Enrico Schiappacasse, Enrico Lanzavecchia. Amazingly, this was recorded on the way to dinner, before having any drinks.

Note the impeccable 2nd verse, too often forgotten by pseudo-experts of Neapolitan folk songs. Paraphrasing a famous Italian movie from the 1980s, "Pavarotti is nothing".

More to come...which ones and how many depending on how many personal threats to my life and career I receive in the coming days ;-)


  1. Devo dire che da "ex"....riccardo mi manchi un sacco!
    (ma anche la guiducci, laura cattaneo e lanzavecchia!!!)

  2. Il vino era sicuramente buono ;-)

  3. Ans, era in autobus sulla strada VERSO il ristorante...prima si era bevuto al massimo un te' alla menta!


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