Thursday, 16 October 2008

We only recruit sensibly mad people - 2008 Retreat Special Edition II

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please welcome Nicoletta, winner of the "Showgirl of the Decade" award at the VP 2008 Med Retreat @ Djerba.

On the way to dinner, the microphone in the last bus soon gets hijacked by a handful of wannabe singers. After some not-so-inspiring attempts, Riccardo Monti takes the scene with his memorable O'Sole Mio. At this point, Nicoletta grabs the microphone, and begins a world-class show..."Liza Minnelli is nothing!"

Full coverage of the event - including full versions of the songs and the heartbreaking confessions - exclusively on VP Inside. But don't despair - a glimpse at the Night of the Oscars @ Djerba is soon to be shown on these screens.

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