Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Italian media...online? Hopeless, for some (Part III)

(via Quinta's weblog, Manteblog, Nicola Mattina and Luca de Biase among others)

Davide Rossi, Chairman of Univideo (Italian Audiovisual Media industry association), recently stated in front of the Italian Parliament (free translation from Italian):

«My personal opinion is that Internet is of no use to mankind...because it hasn't solved the issue of poverty, nor that of famine.»

«The bad news is that the Internet has not and will not improve the world we live in. The good news is that it won't make the world worse either.»

Worth listening to the entire five minute speech, if only to realise how some industry leaders (amazingly?) perceive the Internet and the impact it is having on the media industry and on society in general.


PS Among the flurry of insults, some of the comments on the blogs I liked above and on the YouTube video are hilarious.

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