Friday, 6 March 2009

Italian There's hope (Part II)

(from Piovono rane via manteblog, freely translated from Italian)

Great, if somewhat unexpected, news from Alessandro Gilioli:

“Blogs hosted by L’espresso account for roughly one third of total traffic, that (January 2009 data) was 1.232.844 unique visitors and 6.148.600 page views per month.”
For readers not fully aware of the Italian media industry, Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso is one of the major media groups, spanning from publishing to radio to TV as well as online. Its websites, grouped around the domain name, are constantly among the top 10 in Italy.

Even if the proportion refers to the domain (online version of L'Espresso) this is something everyone in the media industry should take note of, starting from journalists and advertisers.

(Yes, that's you. Your audience is moving, rapidly. Do you want to lead, or play catch-up?)

It would be extremely interesting to have similar data for similar websites...anyone?

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