Saturday, 25 April 2009

Yes, we can (Part IX) - If we bear this in mind, too

(Video in Italian)

Intervista Doppia by Le Iene to an Israeli boy from Sderot and a Palestinian boy from Gaza.

[UPDATE: if video below is removed for copyright violation, click on Intervista Doppia above.]

They live only a few kilometers from each other and couldn't have lives that are more different, and perceptions of "the other" more distorted. I have the impression that if Daniel was born in Gaza he would say precisely what Abdalla says, and viceversa.

IMHO the way in which they generalise about "the other" is the biggest obstacle to peace. Summits and treaties are pointless, unless they are supported by hundreds of projects on the field like this that ensure that Daniel and Abdalla meet and learn about who "the other" really is.

On top of that, we need two leaders of nothing less than this stature to go to the summits, sign the treaties, and tirelessly promote reconciliation before, during and after that. It doesn't seem to me that neither Bibi nor Abu Mazen suit the profile, no matter how hard Obama will push them. Let them prove me wrong.

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